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A1TSS provides services to Title Companies and Attorneys for unrecorded lien information on properties located within the State of Florida. We research outstanding balances, pending or certified liens and/or other encumbrances that may be placed on a real estate parcel by tax collectors, municipalities and/or service providers. These services may include the following:


  • Real Estate Tax Searches (Current, Unpaid Delinquent and Back-Assessed)
  • Water and Sewer Lien Information
  • Solid Waste Information
  • City Lien Letters and Assessments
  • DERM (for Miami-Dade stormwater utility) when applicable
  • Miami-Dade Animal Services


  • Tangible Personal Property Taxes
  • County Special Assessments
  • Code Enforcement
  • Open Permits
  • Zoning Determination
  • Metro Dade Solid Waste Certificate
  • Copy of Certificate of Occupancy
  • Recording Services    see details below

Note: There may be other additional services available depending on County or Municipality

Recording Services:

We are pleased to offer you a vital new service that will give you peace of mind for your newly closed transactions on properties located in Miami-Dade County. Our Recording Services web page will assist you in:
  • Calculating all recording fees
  • We will coordinate pick-up of your documents via UPS, where upon receipt, we will hand-deliver your closing documents to be recorded at the Miami-Dade County Recorder's Office
  • We will wait for your instruments to be recorded, and obtain an official receipt with the recording information
  • At your request we will obtain certified copies of your documents
  • We will scan and email the official receipt, and certified copies (if any requested) along with a paid receipt for our services
  • Documents received in our office by 1pm will be recorded the same day

Mail: A-1 Title Support Services, Inc.       P.O. Box 55-7097   Miami, Fl.  33255-7097                       Phone: 305-594-3444           Fax: 305-594-3399